Social Media

Use the LinkedIn and Twitter links elsewhere on this page to connect with me on social media.  Depending on the theme used (I use, test, and change themes often) it may be on the sidebar in a section titled CONNECT, or else in the footer of this page.

Software Development and Programming

My main career is providing data-and-reporting related enterprise services and solutions using MS SQL Server, Power BI, and Adobe ColdFusion so companies can deliver custom reports to their large enterprise clients.  When doing development work on any system, I use proven SDLC practices, including structured programming, RAD, and Scrum.  Sometimes in doing this work I was asked to do some project management as well.  I have experience in other areas of IT and client services as relates to large enterprise clients.  The best way to review my career is by visiting http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/SeanNHenderson.  (Due to some contracts/arrangements, my current role may not be listed on LinkedIn.) My professional and other certifications can be found on the Certifications page.

There are links in the sidebar find out more about hiring me using some popular freelance sites for small  projects, one-offs, and small tasks.  For MSSQL and or CFML related work, choose the Fiverr (preferred) or Upwork link. A small portfolio and some example snippets are available on Demos page.


Sometimes I give tech workshops around greater Danbury, Connecticut.  Check the Workshops page for a listing of topics.

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